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One-on-One Sessions
Yoga Asana, Philosophy and Yoga Psychology.

One-on-One Yoga is helpful to:
  • Focus on specific areas of pain or discomfort.
  • Allow for in-depth-exploration of mind-body connections in a safe and private setting.

  • Areas of support:
Anxieties, Relaxation, Breathing
Emotional Upheavals, Rigidity, Arthritis, Mind Chattering, Focus

Exchange per session: $65/hour
Andrea came to meditation in her teens, which gives her about 30 years of meditation experience. After her work and travels in India in 1997, she arrived at yoga with Dr. Bob Butera in 2000, about 11 years ago. She is trained in classical yoga, yin and taoist yoga principles. Her style is gentle, suitable for beginners, and her philosophical and psychological understandings are deep yet remain practical and applicable. Andrea continues her education & training

(The founding master of Yin yoga- rooted in the Earth honoring tradition of chinese Taoism).

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