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Orders of Success -  Success in Life

What if.... the issues we experience in our workplace are fundamentally connected to our disconnect between how we approach life and how we approach work?
Can these two be separated?

In other words, how we approach life, family, relations, is mirrored in how we approach work and success. So, any disruptions, any rejection in one area of life will reflect itself in yet another area, potentially our work life.
Western thinking believes that success is a matter of strategy, stamina, or manifestations of matter or spirit. In my humble yet extensive experience, neither of those strategies or techniques has successfully solved an issue that was related to success at work & success in life.
In this particular seminar, the question of where the disconnect, the rejection, the exclusion may be a part of our lack of success in life or work, will be explored. And of course, solutions and resolutions will be personally discovered. For long-lasting success and understanding.
 A geno-chart-session (1 hour) is advised before attending this particular session.

... an interruption in the movement to the mother has led to recurrent self-sabotage in the workplace,
.... old models of masters and slaves are still influencing the current dynamics of an organization,
... the entrepreneur cannot follow through because her underlying attention is with the dead,
.... a product or vision is out of alignment with the good of the people for whom it is meant,
... judgement steeped in generational prejudices are fragmenting the work team."
(Success in Life, Hellinger)
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