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Orders of Health

Moving your health to a whole new level:
The Orders of Health bring insights to an often hidden dimension of healing:
The System within us contains memory going back through time and space.
What does that mean?

In my practice of now 20 years, I have seen how an enlarged heart with an irregular beat was beeting for mother's lost love. He fell in the war, she never forgot, she never let go. And now, her daughter, who never met this man, has a heart beating for him, her mother, and herself.

I have seen how the cancer is a servant of healing.
Pointing  us in the direction of where it needs to occur: A disconnect to a mother who died young, an absent mother, or.... simply taking over someone else's illness in the blind hope that if share their pain and suffering, they will live.
... Examples are endless.
And yet, I am well aware that these examples stretch our mind to: Can this really be? How could the lost love of my mother effect my physical well being?

An attempt of 'explanation': As we carry our genetic memory of hair color, height, etc. in our genes, we also carry emotional memory from trauma. And we inherit these memories from our predecessors the same way we enherit size and color.
Ancient Healing has always understood these layers of memories and resolves them, as we do in Field Constellation Work.

If you are curious about this ancient healing modality, or, you are struggling with a chronic health issue, emotional or physical, this introduction reveals dimensions commonly left out of our present processes of healing.
Join us in looking beyond the symptomatix and
take your health to a whole new level.
Please note neither constellations or this workshop can be used for diagnosing or treating illness. This process merely shows the undercurrent of the generational psycho-dynamics. Neither Cheryl or Andrea make any claims of curing illnesses in this seminar. This process and seminar is not meant to replace any healthcare that you may be receiving or need to receive. Thank you.
With Cheryl Baldwin & Andrea Largent

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