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An ongoing circle provides stability and safety for ongoing, in-depth personal process and study. In my personal path, the first ten years of constellation practice occured in this form of study-circle, once a month for 2,5 hours.

The following is provided to you:

  • Counsel, Guidance and Support for everyone's personal process.

  • Expansion and Growth through learning and study of systemic constellation philosophy in its practical householder application.
To join an ongoing circle the following inspiration is sought for:
  • Monthly attendance, for a minimum of one year
  • Previous attendance of a family constellation workshop
  • Geno-Chart-Processing
Services include:
  • Monthly Circle.
  • Monthly One-on-One Consultations & Mentoring.
  • Reduced rates on all services: $75/hour, and $90/weekend

Two levels of group participation:
1. $65/month for Circle Participation
2. $125/month for Circle Participation and monthly one-on-one.

Times:        1st Wednesday: 10-12:30pm, Wilmington, DE
                  1st Thursday: 10:30-1pm, Kennett Square, PA
                  2nd Tuesday: 6-8:30pm, Devon, PA
                  3rd Thursday:6-8:30pm, Wilmington, DE

A complementary consultation with Andrea is helpful before joining the circle to discuss expectations and group availability. Thank you for honoring that.

Testemonials from Members of Study Circles:

 "I want to thank you for the constellation work that helped me understand my mom better.  I had a good last couple of years with her thanks to you & your work. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"
M.A. - October 2010

"Thanks so much for a really wonderful circle. I really felt a load lifted after having explored my own family constellations. Seeing the resolution on the mats allowed me to adopt the new picture  
and understand it is a tragedy for the whole family system, not just me and my little nuclear family. Even though I know this intellectually, it moved through me in a more fully-realized way.
Whatever it is called and whatever the strings are attached to, they were adjusted to reality, this new reality. I can honestly say that there isn't a constellation that I've done with you and the group that leaves me thinking anything other than, Wow, this stuff is amazing and so interesting." M.B. - September 2009

"My son has now reconciled with his father (my first husband), after I gave his father his (I can't remember what you called it) the rightful place in my life.It's humbling to realize that it was me blocking that relationship all his life!" S.M.T - December 2009

... more to come

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