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The Geno-Chart-Process is developed to uncover the generational dynamics that operate in our Unconscience. They operate for all of us, and mostly in good support to us.

Occasionally however, we find ourselves with serious limitations and have to ask:
Is this something I can change? 

The Geno-Chart Process will first identify everyone that is part of your generational make up. Think of it as a DNA approach for families. We would need to know who was part of your family to determine your genetic facts. The generational unconscious works almost identical, so knowing WHO was part of your past is important.

That said, this approach takes us outside the realm of geneology, family tree or genogram. The Geno-Chart-Processes factors in a multitude of layers, such as: historical events, people such as: previous spouses, miscarriages, still-borns, intimate relations, loss / gain of properties, immigration, who was left behind, etc.
The goal is to identify who belongs to your family tribe as in:
  • Who made room so you can be here today?

  • Who was involved in a life or death exchange that was instrumental to your family's survival?

  • Who has been excluded or forgotten?
Sine the Geno-Chart-Process focusses more on the WHO is part of the tribe and less on their individual relational experience, it does not operate within the relational context of psychology. It very much resides on the edge of psychology and field conscience. 
In the session, you will be asked a series of 6-8 questions and your answers will be collected out of your memory. Andrea has developed a technique that leans on symbology to create a geno-chart that will undoubtedly  reveal your family entanglements in the unconscious of your family system.

This meeting takes about two hours: one hour to collect, and another to address your questions, and to provide feedback. You will receive the results at the end of the session. Follow up sessions are possible but not typcial.
This tool is enormously powerful. Folks have repeatedly been able to process their deepest family dynamics 'just' by putting the geno-chart together.
And, it is a very good preparation for a constellation workshop. It can be accomplished via the geno-chart workshop, or one-on-one.
One-on-One Sessions:
2 hour, $220
In combination with a workshop registration:
1-1,5 hours, $110
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