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Happenings USA:
Family Constellation Practitioners in the USA
In Alphabetical order of the state that services can be found:  
This listing is a personal collection and makes no claim on completion or quality of service provided. 
Anyone, offering service within the family constellation philosophy is welcomed to be listed here. Please contact me: constellations@gmx.net
Thank you.
Andrea B. Largent
Sedona, AZ   Divyo Kuhlmann: counselingsedona@gmail.com
                          Craig Rice: divrama@esedona.net,  www.counselingsedona.com
Tuscon, AZ    David Rupley, Jr.: dcrupley@earthlink.netwww.coyohealingcenter.com
Arizona        Anngwyn St. Just: anngwynn@aol.com, www.acst-international.com,
                                                             blog: www.anngwyn.wisrville.org
Bay area            Gabriele Borkan: g.borkan@gabrielle-borkan-institute.com
Encinitas, CA     Wendy Lund: 4wendylund@gmail.com, 760-943-7848
Los Angeles, CA   Gary Stuart: www.chifield.com, gary@chifield.com, 818- 509-0211
Redondo Beach, CA  Jaclyn Sakamoto: www.polarityworks.com, 310-346-0573, 
San Clemente, CA  Ellen Benfatti: www.stepintobeing.com, eangel11@gmail.com
                                               www.movementsofthesoul.info, 760-884-9003
San Francisco, CA  Peter Devries:Peteradriaan@aol.com        
San Francisco, CA  Kathyy Scheiern: kathy.scheiern@gmail.com, 415-816-2959
San Franciso Bay Area, CA  Mark Wolynn: www.hellingerca.com,
Santa Barbara, CA  Dyrian  & Jo Anna Chartrand Benz: dyrian@sbceo.org
Sierra Madre, CA   Margot Ridler:info@ordersoflife.com, www.OrdersOfLife.com 
Southern CA            Dee Yoh: deeyoh@mail.com
Southern CA         Leah Matalon: leah@leahmatalon.com
Boulder, CO         Jude Blitz: jude@livingartsfoundation.com, 303-530-1896
Denver, CO          Averi Schaubman: averis@earthlink.net
Connecticut       J. Edward Lynch, Phd: EJ52@aol.com
Branford, C.     Bill Mannle: billmannle.com, billmag@mindspring.com, 203-676-5622
Wilmington, DE    Andrea Bosbach Largent: constellations@gmx.net
Washington, DC     Susan Ulfelder: HellingerDC@gmail.com, www.hellingerDC.com 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL  Drindy Keller: Drindy@HellingerFL.com
Sarasota, FL           Brigitte Sztab: Brigitte@familyconstellations-usa.com, 
Miami Beach, FL     Annie Block Pearl: annie@annieblockpearl.com
Moscow, ID       Katrina Mikiah: katrinamikiah@gmail.com, www.katrinamikiah.com,
Woodstock, IL   Dodie Corcoran: dodie77@owc.net, www.iahp.com/dodie--corcoran,
Maryland              Joanne Lynch-Bachbauer & Kuno Bachbauer: KunoB@aol.com,
Bethesda, MD     Susan Ulfelder: HellingerDC@gmail.com, www.hellingerdc.com
Boston, MA     Jamy & Peter Faust: Faust@constellationapproach.com,
                            www.ConstellationApproach.com, www.hellingerboston.com
Boston, MA     Dan Cohen:  dan@hiddensolution.com / www.hiddensolution.com
Minneapolis / St.Paul, MN    Krysta Kavenaugh: aliveness@comcast.net
Bozeman, MT Kathleen Rauch: 406-599-7128, kathleen.rauch@gmail.com
Flathead Valley, MT   Brigitte Sztab: Brigitte@familyconstellations-usa.com,
Reno / Carson City, NE   Ellen Pillard: epillard@nvbell.net / 775-746-1726
New Jersey
Marmora, NJ      Rev. Vernon L. Morin, Jr. vmorin@comcast.net
New Mexico
New Mexico       Dee Yoh: deeyoh@mail.com
New York
New York City    Suzi Tucker: hellingernotes@aol.com, Hellinger Institute USA, 
New York City    Libby Shapiro: libshapiro@gmail.com 
New York City    Annie Block Pearl: annie@annieblockpearl.com,
New York City    Leah Matalon: leah@leahmatalon.com 
New York City    Sophia Kramer-Leto: sophiakny@aol.com
North Carolina
Asheville, NC       SheilaSaunders: peacefulcentre@hotmail.com,
Chapel Hill, NC   Brigitte Sztab: Brigitte@familyconstellations-usa.com,
Cincinnati, Ohio  Beverly Welbourne: bjwelbourne@hotmail.com / 513-489-9777 
Cincinnati, Ohio  Carolyn Zahner: carolyn@carolynzahner.com, www.carolyzahner.com
Cincinnati, Ohio  Kenn Day & Patricia Sheerin: enki@one.net, 513-481-3080
Ashland, OR  Emily Waymire: info@movementsofthesoul.org,
Ashland, OR   Stephen Victor: info@stephenvictor.com, www.stephenvictor.com
Portland, OR Jane Peterson: info@human-systems-institute.com,
Devon & Media, PA  Andrea Bosbach Largent: constellations@gmx.net,
Philadelphia area    Michael Reddy, Ph.D.: www.reddyworks.com, 610 469 7588,
Texas        Dee Yoh: deeyoh@mail.com
South Carolina
Charleston,SC David Rupley Jr.: dcrupley@earthlink.net, www.coyohealingcenter.com
Charlottesville, VA      Dee Yoh: deeyoh@mail.com        
Washington State
Bellingham, WA      Lisa Iversen: lisa@familyconstellationswest.com
Chelan & Seattle, WA   Brigitte Sztab: brigitte@familyconstellations-usa.com,
Colville, WA           Francesca Mason Boring: sboring@plix.com, 
Kirkland, WA          Anutosh Foo: anutoshf@gmail.com, 425-636-8989
Mukilteo, WA            Sabina Kane: personalbestk@yahoo.com
Seattle, WA            Mark A. Johnson: markj@seattleconstellations.org, 206-525-0525
Seattle, WA   Kirsten Love Lauzon: kirsten@healing-earth.net, www.healing-earth.net 
Seattle, WA               Rachel Whalley: rachel@fogtofire.com, www.fogtofire.com
Madison, WI      Krysta Kavenaugh: aliveness@comcast.net, 612-722-8066
Milwaukee, Lake Geneva & Rockford, WI Heinz Stark, Sue Bronson
                                      info@healingheartandsoul.com, www.healingheartandsoul.com
Racine, WI          Karen Carnabucci: karenc@wi.rr.com
Viroqua, WI      Prudence Tippins: ptipppins@mwt.net 
This list is a personal collection by Andrea Bosbach Largent. It does not present itself as a complete collection, nor a representation of qualification, merely a listing of what is know to Andrea who has been actively involved in building the Constellation Community in the US since 2000. 
I am more than happy to provide this service to the community.
  • Anyone, offering services withing the family constellation philosophy is welcome to be listed in this format.
  • Anyone who would like to get off this listing, just send a note and I'll take you off immediately.
  • Corrections? Just let me know. 
Thank YOU for all the contributions, unlisted and listed in the listing,
that YOU provide.
It is all of us that make ‘it’ work. 
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