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Calendar of Events in 2012

Orders of Love and Families
Orders of Success
Orders of Life
Orders of Health
January 20-22
April 20-22
Friday 6-8, Sat 1-6, Sunday 1-5
May 11-12
6-8:30 pm & 10-5pm
March 16
February 24
**June 1-3
October 26-28
November 9-10
6-8:30 pm & 10-5pm
June 14
June 22
September 1-3

September 25
October 19

Special Events:
February 14-15, 2012      Love Constellations: Does Life have happy endings?
                                                sponsored by: www.thecentreforvibrantliving.com, 610-444-8020

July 13-14, 2012    Love Attractions, Triangles and Adults.
                                         Two days devoted to re-PAIR-ing ourselves with one or
                                         two another. Focus:
                                         What makes adult relationships work like clockwork!

2012 Family Constellation Intensive
Six weekends, monthly circle, and individual support.
The 2012 Family Constellation Intensive provides you with a thorough and deep one-year study on family constellation philosophy for your personal and professional context.
Begins February 29, 2012
To participate, an individual complementary meeting is beneficiary and advised.
Thank you.
Unless otherwise specified, each seminar begins on Friday 6-8:30pm.

This evening serves as an opportunity to observe and participate in the constellation process as  guided by Andrea B. Largent.
You will also learn the basics of the constellation philosophy that build the foundation of this phenomenologically oriented process. The evening is designed for those curious about the process while simultaneously creating the platform for the personal work ahead. All levels of curiosity and sincerety are welcome.

Seminars continue the next day:
Saturday 10-3pm, and Sunday 1-5pm.
Participants do have a choice to come for one or two personal processing days.

$45 - Friday Intro Night
$180 - Friday and 1 day
$225 - Friday and 2 days

Orders of Love and Families •
 • Orders of Life
  • What if the issues in our lives are doorways to resolving patterns in our family system going back generations?
  • What if the problems we face began not with us but with those who came before us? What if we are putting their stories ahead of our own?
  • What if, by making peace with our ancestors, we bring peace into our lives, engage in living our lives to the fullest, and clear the path for our children as well?
The concept: What is it?
We all belong to a family system, which means we inherit traditions, life stories, and ways of being. This is not about choice; we are all born into our family system, and its patterns move through us unconsciously.
Family systems operate according to natural orders, just as we may observe in the natural world. Being in alignment with these natural orders allows us to be the very best of our human selves.
First among these orders is that everyone belongs! So, if one of us—consciously or unconsciously, now or generations ago—is not included or acknowledged as having his or her place, the family system (family conscience) takes note of this, and the exclusion has repercussions for everyone in the family, possibly for generations.
These orders of love are natural, and yet family systems—for any number of reasons—violate them, often without realizing it. The result is hurtful patterns at best, sickness and early death at worst. These damaging patterns can recur for generations.
Field constellations are a way to look at these distortions of order. As the distortion becomes evident through the work, a phenomenological process can begin to restore order, so that we can live in peace with all that is, including ourselves, our families, our businesses, histories, and ancestors.
How does a session work?
Sessions shall primarily occur in group. Since this is a structural rather then relational approach to family dynamics, not much personal sharing is required. Necessary information for a constellation are simple facts, such as who belonged to your family, and important events that have impacted your family. Some examples of events this philosophy pays attention to: early deaths, loss and gain of substantial status or land, illnesses, disabilities, and other life altering events. This information is needed to understand the particular structure of your family system. Where psychology focusses on how family members relate, constellations focusses on who is part of the family and is excluded in our memory. Any sharing in a group setting shall be limited to that kind of information, please. Less, in this instance, is more.
Constellations begin with exploring what has been going on in our family’s field. The initial guides are the everyday issues in our lives, which open a space for us to look at
the traumas, distortions, and imbalances that our family has been carrying, perhaps for generations. You select colored mats to signify the different components of an issue: Members of your family (current or past), nationalities, organizations, or issues of health
or work. You place them onto the floor, creating the first image to work with. Moving the Colored Fields (Mats) is what guides the process of healing and restoring order.
This work is profound and deep. It engages our mind’s immense powers for holistic awareness that complements but does not replace our intellectual, analytic skills or other therapeutic models.
Because the work deals with the deep currents in a family, Andrea approaches the work with respect, openness, and humility, while maintaining the most important of all:
a safe space to deal with even the worst traumas.
Any constellation is benefited by a prior geno-chart-session  in which the family structure is fully assessed. This consultation will also provide you feedback in regards to a need for a family constellation, and if there is one, which lineage would be the appropriate one to set up. A Geno-Chart Session can be done one-on-one. It is a stand alone intervention which has proven to be most successful in processing family trauma, as well as bringing clarity to 'what's going on' within the deepest level of your human connection (family).

How did the orders of love (constellations) develop?
Bert Hellinger developed this work from his diverse experiences as a missionary to the Zulu for 16 years and then his practice of psychotherapy in many forms (primal, gestalt, NLP, and others). He has taught all over the globe for the past 25 years and has written many excellent books describing the process.
Building on Hellinger’s work, Claudia Szombathy-Kraus (previously: Mengel) developed the work of the Colored Fields (Mats). This method starts with a picture of mats (colored fields), and within this process our rational mind becomes blindfolded. Participants are not influenced by their own ideas when sharing what they experience in or on a particular field. Though subtly conveyed, the information from the participants provides clear direction about the issue at hand.
Fundamentally, though, this work is ancient in origin. It builds on the Indigenous knowledge that we are all connected, even across death, and that how we relate shapes our lives. As Einstein said, “The field forms the thing, not the other way around.”
In short, we are each born into our family field with all its richness and complexities; this we cannot change. However, when damaging patterns take over, constellations engage the butterfly effect to right them. Because of our relatedness, even the smallest, most subtle shifts carry great power and can be used for healing. As one participant said, “This is Field Theory at its best!”
Frequently asked Questions:

Do I have to work if attending a workshop?
Everyone present at the seminar experiences the transformative power (insights, healing) of the work simply by participating in a session, whether that is as an observer, representative, or actually as one to set up a constellation. 
If I choose to work on an issue in my life, what questions might I pose?
  • Health issues: mental, emotional, and physical;
  • Trauma: abuse, violence, murders, adoptions, loss of children;
  • Relationships: matters of the heart, families, children, adults including professional and  organizational structures;
  • Career and business questions;
  • Past-life issues.
What do I need to know about my family?
We work with the information you have.
Bring whatever you know. The rest will unfold through the process.
If you prefer to prepare yourself, the Geno-Chart-Process is a great way to start and focus.
Do family members need to be present?
No, and neither do you need to talk to them about the session afterward. This is for you.
Moreover, the power of the work lies in the field, the family soul. It’s not talk therapy. And therefore no sharing on a conscious level is necessary to create a shift or change.
What do I do after the session?
Keep the process alive. Don’t talk too much about it, please. Rest. Take a shower. Have fun.
Let the constellation come and go in your mind as it will. It’s doing its work.

If you feel 'stuck' in your emotional, physical or mental process after a constellation (which may occur), I suggest energy work, body work, or contacting me.
I am always available via email or phone for follow up!

After each seminar I provide recommendations to body & energy workers that are familiar with the constellation process and how to support you through it.

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