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Private Counseling
In the private counseling setting, Andrea brings a hugely diverse area of expertise to the table. Her frame immediately focuses on solutions to any stubborn or disruptive pattern that you may experience in life.  
Sessions vary from 1-1,5 hours and are intended to bring resolution quick but with great longevity, in short: effectively.
Effectiveness is measured by the bettering of all parties involved rather then a singular prospect, in accordance with native and universal principles: A win-win for all.

Her expertise extraordinaire lies with her systems approach and her ability to uncover generational dynamics of the unconscious in a short amount of time and investment (2-5 hours).
Dynamics that are most commonly presented to Andrea are:

  • Severe and longstanding abuse
  • Violence (domestic or otherwise)
  • Disruptions of grave nature: Death, Illness, Suicide, Bankruptcy.
  • Any inquiry, may it be a matter of health, relation or professional nature, is welcomed.
A network of referral partners is available if Andrea's expertise should not apply to your inquiry.

Sessions are $110/hour
Reductions may be arranged as necessary.

This process focuses solely on your generational unconscious patterns. It is a 2 hour process that determines which generational pattern is operating in your life. In general, there are 2 core patterns at work in our lives, and most of the time they are worked out naturally without any necessity to interfere. Occasionally, we get 'stuck' or 'arrogant' in our natural development as we enlist overindividualism to overcome transformative and collective dynamics of the unconscious. The Geno-Chart-Processing is an effective one on one process that will counterbalance or western notions of grandiosity and re-instill the possibility of healing, transformation and peace in us.

Professional Consulting
Due to the unusual expertise of working with potentially more then 3 generations, Andrea has found herself in many forms of professional consulting. She currently offers three possibilities:

  • Consultation with family and therapist in your office: 2 hours, $175 ($135 for Building Bridges Colleagues and their families

  • Consultation with the therapist one-on-one, 1 hour, $110/hour.

  • Group Consultations for Professionals - an ongoing group:
                "To the Heart of the Matter", 2,5 hours, $65
                     If you are a therapist seeking for a space to learn, consult and personally experience
                     healing support, join this monthly team of professionals. CEU's are currently not
                     available, but are in the process of being achieved for this training tool.

Financial Counseling
Andrea's expertise in Financial Counseling is deep and broad. Her career set out with accounting in 1986. Since then she has been a consultant and trainer to individuals, organizations, for-profit and non-for-profit, in the US, Canada, and Europe for 25 years.
Andrea's specialty is to assist you in
  • Developing a budget that will work.
  • Developing debt strategies.Assisting with challenges around credit, or credit worthiness.
  • Strategizing Life's Transitions including your financial, emotional and professional needs.
One-on-One Sessions: $85/hour
Session & Plan prints: $115
Discounted rates available to clients of the Womens Resource Center in Wayne, PA: www.womensresourcecenter.net
Trainings are available on a variety of subjects such as:

Financial Literacy Budgeting Credit - Credit Repair - Credit Worthiness Career Strategies Debt  and Budget Management

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