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One cozy weekend, my husband Chris and myself, had fun exploring whether our skills could somehow be combined and potentially be useful. We started with the assumption that if what we say is true, meaning:

* Astrology is the most ancient system of understanding universal principles and nature of connectedness, and

* Constellations are a way of tapping into that wisdom, that again, is old, mature and wise in nature. Providing guidance to us earthlings as needed.

Well, if that's all true... then if we were to combine these two by posing a question through the symbolism of astrology and make use of constellation process - Will we receive helpful guidance? To our delight, the answer was yes, and Astro-Constellations were 'birthed'.

This particular offer is meant for those who would like to take a deep, honest look at an internally oriented question, observing your personal process unfolding in front of you, and emerge with an outlook of moving towards resolution, transformation, change, healing.
Questions or concerns that Astro-Constellations speak deeply to:
  • Crossroads in life
  • Internal patterns or blocks: such as clear communication, love relations, attractions, obsessions, or overdeveloped sense of responsibility.
  • Basically, anything that creates inner tension or stress for you can be enlightened by AstroConstellations.
Please note that we will use only the astrological information of people present at the seminar. Thank you for honoring that. 
More information on the astrology -
Personal Readings may be obtained independantly with Chris Largent, ideahse@Aol.com
Transformative Astrology
Transformative astrology focuses on how elements of the chart integrate to create a whole person and how each person can transform his or her culture. Transformative astrology maps character — like an ancient-world personality profile.  It assumes that each of us came here for a purpose. 
True to its founders, philosopher and artist Dane Rudhyar and psychologist Carl Jung, transformative astrology is not fatalistic.  Neither our characters nor our futures are fixed.  For this reason, transformative astrological consultants do not tell clients what to do.  They hold up a mirror to help us explore our own potential and make our own decisions.
Chris Largent has been a professional astrologer for 20 years, having studied astrology for 35 years. He has pioneered transformative astrology, which focuses on how elements of the chart integrate to create a whole person and how each person can transform his or her culture.
He has also taught university-level philosophy and comparative religion for thirty years, lectured all over the United States, Canada, and England, and founded the Seventh Academy. He’s given seminars at the New York Open Center, the World Future Society, the World Business Academy, and the Omega Institute. He is also co-author of The Soul of Economies: Spiritual Evolution Goes to the Marketplace (Idea House, 1991), The Paradigm Conspiracy: Why Our Social Systems Violate Our Human Potential and How We Can Change Them (Hazelden, 1996), and Love, Soul, and Freedom: Dancing with Rumi on the Mystic Path (Hazelden, 1998). He was a contributor to Marianne Williamson’s Imagine and, along with world religious leaders, wrote a chapter of From the Ashes: A Spiritual Response to the Attack on America. Chris has his office in Wilmington, Delaware, where his phone number is 302-571-9570, and his email is ideahse@aol.com.

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